Working with the team at Collaborative Research Networks Ltd, the Shark Share Global database is specifically tailored for elasmobranch (shark and ray) research scientists around the world. We recognize that of the 1041 known shark and ray species, 47% lack basic biological data needed to assess if populations are at risk. Of the remaining 53% which we do have knowledge of, more than a quarter are considered threatened by human impacts such as overfishing and coastal development. 

Fortunately, there are thousands of research scientists around the world working to understand, manage and conserve these animals. Quite often these researchers require tissue samples collected while out in the field. This is where the Shark Share Global database can help. 

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What is Shark Share Global?

What we do
Shark Share Global acts as a virtual tissue bank for all shark and ray species. Our database allows researchers to submit and share a variety of tissues for research purposes.

An international shark and ray tissue database, made by scientists for scientists

Shark Share Global is brought to you by:

1)  Increase the efficiency of global shark sampling and tissue collection 2)  Foster meaningful collaborations between scientists, encouraging unique large scale, global and cross-disciplinary projects

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The upcoming database will provide research teams with a searchable list of available shark and ray tissue samples from around the word.