Delivering the capacity to collaborate

Submit, search and share tissue samples from around the world.


What is Shark Share?

Due to a lack of storage space and poor communication, researchers discard thousands of tissue samples yearly; wasting money, time and opportunities for world-class research.

Shark Share Global provides an online library where researchers can submit, share and search for tissues samples from around the world.


Benefits for Researchers


Easily manage and find samples

Spending hours emailing colleagues for tissue samples is a thing of the past. Shark Share helps you find who has the samples you need in real time.

No more missed opportunities

Don’t wait for a project to come to you, utilize all the tissues you have in the freezer and never miss out on the samples you need. We help researchers discover and share samples with ease. Finding collaborators to share with or request tissues from means no tissues are wasted.

Collaborate with ease

Our sharing system means authorships and sharing agreements are upfront and transparent. Share tissue samples knowing what you and your collaborators want from a project.

Benefits for Institutions


Discover more

Accessing tissue samples with ease means researchers have a greater capacity to produce high-impact research and publications.

Enable students and staff

Student research projects all have critical timelines to meet. Help students enhance their research, increase sample sizes and finish on time by having access to thousands of tissue samples from around the world.

Spend wisely

We know research funding is critical to ensure the success of a project and field work is often the most expensive component. Shark Share helps researchers source tissues online, saving time and money.