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About the founders

This tool is made by researchers, for researchers. Shark Share’s co-founders Madi and Lauren are two PhD students who have been working with sharks and rays for over 5 years. Frustrated by missing out on samples in their previous projects, they decided to create a tool to help shark and ray researchers around the world. 



Madi is a PhD candidate at the University of Tasmania, Australia. Her work focuses on understanding the biology and connectivity of tropical shark populations for fisheries management purposes. Madi primarily works with shark and ray DNA obtained from tissue samples. 



Lauren is a PhD candidate at Flinders University in South Australia, working to understand how sharks and rays fit into food webs. Focusing on white sharks in particular, she uses a variety of biochemical tracers to investigate what they eat and where they feed.

After years of collecting elasmobranch samples for a range of local and international research projects, she is eager to find a more effective way of finding the samples she needs, and sharing the ones she already has.